Bedrock Geosciences is a multidisciplinary consultancy which specialises in the field of radioactive waste management and geological sciences


About us

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International Consultancy

Bedrock Geosciences is a multidisciplinary consultancy which specialises in the field of radioactive waste management and geological sciences. Based in Switzerland, Bedrock Geosciences' skills, resources and support services are available to manage, design, define or provide technical support for projects of any size and are focussed on supplying our clients with the tools required to successfully implement informed decisions on waste management and environmental issues.

Bedrock Geosciences is part of an international network of associated individuals and companies, enabling it to draw on an extensive range of expertise and experience which serves as a flexible resource that can be mobilised effectively to meet any challenge set by implementers, regulators, government agencies, research organisations, mining companies etc.

All enquiries are given urgent attention and treated in the strictest confidence.


Bedrock Geosciences

Veltheimerstrasse 18,
5105 Auenstein,

Swiss Office: ++41.76.531.3607
Finnish Office: ++358.45.691.9333



Natural Analogues Working Group

NAWG-15 (Tuesday, 23rd to Thursday, 25th May, 2017) will take place at the NRI laboraotory in Rez (, just outside Prague. Please contact me, the NAWG chairman ( or visit the natural analogues website for further details.

International Partners

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Bedrock Geosciences actively seeks to work in partnership with an international network of organisations and individuals in the field of waste disposal and geosciences, including Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, Sweden, Japan. More...

Specific Services:

Download articles Articles for download
A set of articles produced in co-operation with Bedrock Geosciences are available in PDF format for download in the Articles section. More...

ImageProject Management
With over two decades of experience in international project management, Bedrock Geosciences can run a wide diversity of multi-disciplinary projects. More...

ImageDocumentation Support
In Bedrock Geosciences, wide experience has been built up over the years in documentation support in many areas relating to waste management and geosciences, from essentially technical topics to areas such as public confidence-building and communication. More...

ImageCommunications / PR
Bedrock Geoscience has been involved in increasing confidence in waste-related issues through communication with a wide range of stakeholders and has been involved in the development of a multi-media approach to stakeholder contact.

ImageData Mining
Whatever your problem, there is often a significant amount of information already available in the  literature which can be critically reviewed to give you a head-start in a new programme. More...