Bedrock Geosciences is a multidisciplinary consultancy which specialises in the field of radioactive waste management and geological sciences


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Bedrock Geoscience has been involved in increasing confidence in radioactive waste related issues through communication with a wide range of stakeholders and has been involved in the development of a multi-media approach to stakeholder contact. The baseline of any successful confidence building approach is contact with and communicating to a wide range of people utilising a range of media, including travelling exhibitions, public events, direct contact via telephone and email and support for teachers and students.

Bedrock Geosciences own multi-lingual staff are supplemented by trained technical staff (who provide the necessary 'hard science') and specialists from our network (for example, radio journalists/film producers/copyright editors etc)


Multimedia and new technologies

As well as the use of traditional print products such as newsheets, magazines and books (which are all designed, edited and produced in-house), we also have experience in the use of television, radio, video and the internet, along with the production of product-focussed CD and DVD material.

In short, our staff have the depth of experience to solve your communications problems, be they technical (eg web-based solutions) or societal (eg design of a national confidence building programme) so why not contact us and discuss how we may be of assistance?